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Thailand is world famous for it's exciting Nightlife!                      

It all started during the Vietnam war in the late 60s and early 70s when an influx of American GIs on leave looking for some R&R in between their bombing-missions in IndoChina, made places like Pattaya and certain areas in Bangkok sprout with girliebars, gogos and nightclubs!

After the war finished in 1975 and the US troops left Thailand, tourists instead started to arrive and took over the nightlife scene and as they spread out to the islands so did the bars and girls making places like Patong in Phuket and Chaweng on Koh Samui new partygrounds.


There are mainly 3 nightlife-areas filled with beerbars and GoGo bars especially assigned for tourists in Bangkok.

Patpong 1 & 2

These two parallel streets run between Silom Rd and Suriwong Rd in the central financial district. Patpong 1 is very quiet during the day, but becomes a sprawling open air night market at night filled with stalls selling designer fake goods to tourists. It's lined with GoGo bars Musicpubs and Restaurants, upstairs are the infamous PingPong showbars, there are more beerbars and GoGos on Patpong 2, and further on in Soi Thaniya there are many upscale hostess bars frequented by japanese business men.

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Soi Cowboy

A brightly lit walking street with colourful neon signs advertising the many GoGo bars that line this busy soi. It's situated with it's main entrance at Soi Asoke just off Sukhumvit Rd. The aircon GoGo bars has terraced areas in front where you can sit and sip on a drink and watch the nightly never ending "traffic" of bargirls and punters leaving and entering  the bars.

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Nana or NEP, Nana Entertainment Plaza

Originally a shopping and restaurant complex in Soi Nana Tai Soi 4 just off Sukhumvit Rd, that was turned into the more lucrative business of GoGo bars with pretty young girls dancing. You walk through a narrow gate and enters an open area where there used to be beerbars, but they have recently been demolished, surrounded by 3 floors of GoGo bars, showbars and Ladyboy bars.

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One of Asia's most famous resort towns! Situated about 2 hours busride from Bangkok or less than 1 1/2 hour by bus or taxi from Suwannapoom International Airport. On the east coast with nice views of the sunset whilst walking along the Beach Rd. Once a sleepy little fishing village it has now expanded into a big international playground for tourists from all over the world, also many foreigners has made Pattaya their permanent home.

Beerbars, GoGo bars, Discos, Nightclubs, Massage places, Seafood Restaurants, Cheap Hotels and an array of shopping opportunities has made Pattaya the perfect place for many holiday makers.

Nightlife is spread all over the city, but more in some areas than others.


Walking Street: This is the main hub for nightlife in Pattaya, situated at the far southern end of Beach Rd it's closed off for traffic after dark when it turns into a pedestrian street. Lined with Beerbars, GoGo bars, Discos and Seafood Restaurants. Bright lights and pumping music permiates the vibrating air as crowds of amazed tourists slowly moves down the street gawping at the scenes of street artists, boxing shows and hords of bargirls and sexhungry farang men cruising the street looking for company or money! Several smaller sois off WS offers GoGo bars with explicit and  sometimes "interactive" shows!

Other famous areas in town with beerbars and gogos are Soi Pattayaland 1,2 & 3, and sois 6,7,8 along Second Rd, Soi Bua Khao and Soi LK Metro, North Pattaya and Nahkleua.


Thailand's biggest island and a popular destination for 2 week charter-tourists. Hence prices are slightly higher here than in Pattaya, although there are deals to be made during low season. There are daily flights from Bangkok and a bus or taxi takes about 1 hour from Airport to Patong Beach.Patong has a nice white sand beach, although covered with sunbeds and can be crowded with tourists in high season.


Soi Bangla

Most of the nightlife in Patong Beach is centered in and around Soi Bangla, a nightly Walking Street with many small side sois filled with literally hundreds of Beerbars, GoGos, Discos and Clubs! Easy to find, smack in the center of Patong and goes from the Beach Road up to Rat-uthit Rd.One of the more wellknown is Soi Crocodile or as it is also called "Soi Katoey" famous for it's pretty ladyboys that dances on a small stage in front of the soi every night drawing crowds of onlooking tourists. There is also ladyboys shows at "Simon Cabaré" in the outskirts of town towards Karon.

Chaweng, Koh Samui

Famous for it's relaxing coconut fringed beaches and many spas, but things has changed rapidly in the last few years, and it's now more known as a party island, especially beach parties are famous here. Lots of live music bars has opened lately as well. It's easy to acces Samui these days by domestic flights from Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket taxi or minivan to Chaweng takes only 15-20 minutes. There are also car-ferries from the mainland.

Beaches are still among the best in Thailand with clear blue water and white powdery sand and not as crowded as Pattaya or Patong.


In Chaweng nightlife is concentrated at
Soi Green Mango a U-shaped soi, that also has the only 2 GoGos Dreamgirls and the smaller GB Lounge, there are several girliebars and more upscale bars and the wellknown disco Green Mango.
Soi Reggae Pub, that goes from Laem Din Market to the famous Reggae Pub disco, lined with girliebars and katoeybars. It's across the big "lake" a bit inland from the parallel Beach Rd.
There are also some smaller beerbar areas along Beach Rd.
For some special "massage" there is Pink Lady on Beach Rd near the junction to Laem Din
or a string of small "massage" places behind the Starbuck. Also some smaller gay and ladyboys cabarés in Chaweng.

Lamai beach is about 6-7 km away and there are lots of girliebars, but no GoGos.

Bargirl info

Many Thaigirls working in bars comes from poor ricefarming families in "Eesarn" North-Eastern Thailand, driven by poverty to work in bars to provide money for their kids and families. Often married at young age and after having children, abandoned by their irresponsible Thai boyfriends, or being widows after their husbands has died after a drunkdriven  motorbike or car accident. Others are simply sent by their parents to earn money so they can upgrade their houses and buy new cars, motorbikes or TV sets to impress on their neighbours.

Some bargirls work part-time in bars to fund their studies. Many work in bars to find a farang husband so they can move abroad to have a hopefully more economically safe life. Some young girls run away from their homes because they have some domestic problems or because they think it's more fun and exciting working in the bars and partying the nights away than to go to school.

Number one thing to remember though in a relationship with a Thaigirl is that money is always their top priority, then their family and kids and last their farang boyfriend or husband!

How to barfine a girl?

Bargirls are employed by the bars mainly to entertain the customers to stay and drink as much as possible in their bar.

If you after have been chatting and befriendling a bargirl in the bar for some time and you would like to take her out of the bar for whatever reason like eating, going to the cinema or disco or taking her to your room, you have to pay a barfine to the bar to compensate them for loosing an employee, because if not enough girls in a bar the less customers will come and sit in that bar hence the bar will make less profit.

Barfines in Beerbars can range from 300 baht and up to 500 baht, some bars hire Coyote dancers that can demand up to 1000 baht in barfine.

Barfines in GoGo bars are usually 600-700 baht for a dancer whilst showgirls or Coyote dancers start from 1000 baht up.

Barfine doesn't include the girls fee it's only a fine to compensate the barowner, sometimes the bargirls get a small commission on this.

What you pay for the girls "services" you have to agree with the girl in advance to avoid problems later.

Normally you can expect a Pattaya beerbargirl to demand about 1000 baht for a one session "short-time", or 1500-2000 baht for a "long-time" then the girl will sleep with you all night, it's better to make sure with the girl in advance what time she will leave in the morning, because some girls might try to sneak out at 06.00 whilst others will happily stay with you until late in the afternoon. Beerbargirls in Bangkok and Phuket might ask for more.

Pattaya GoGo girls will demand slightly higher prices for their "services", normally 1500-2000 baht for a ST, in Bangkok and Phuket many won't go with you for less than 2000 baht.

Long-time you can expect to pay about 2500-3000 baht for a GoGo dancer. Showgirls demand higher prices and 3000-5000 baht are not unusual, some GoGo bars sometimes hire "SuperModels" from Bangkok that will demand from 5000 baht and up!


The bargirls prices are open to negotiations though and not "set in stone" !

Remember it's always the girl that decides if she wants to go with you or not, some might not go with customers for different reasons: they don't like you, you are too cheap, they are having their period, or simply not feeling well.

Some bargirls might have boyfriends/sponsors or a kid and for the same reasons some only go short-time.

Beware of freelancers in discos and on the beach, they usually asks for less money and you don't have to pay a barfine, but the risks involved are higher as well, since you can not track them if you have problems, and the risk of STDs and HIV are greater!

Many beerbars and most GoGos have the girls make regular medical check ups and they will keep the girls adressinfo.

Stay away from Ladyboys! They are proned to make problems and are often involved in druggings and thefts!

Remember don't get hunged up by one girl, if you have any problems just move on to the next one.

There is always plenty more fish in the sea! 




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