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About me 

I'm a single middle-aged unmarried man with no children. 

I was born and raised in cold Sweden, but never liked the weather climate here.

Always dreamt about going to the warm tropics!

I enjoy travelling, nature, photography and beautiful women.

I finally discovered Thailand and South-East Asia in 1987.

It was love at the first eyesight and I have since been back every year!

Longest I've stayed in Thailand is 7 months, although nowadays I restrict my stay to 5 months a trip.

During my first 10 years I travelled extensively around the country and have been to almost every province.

I've also been to the other SEA countries, but I like Thailand the most!

I also go to Malaysia or Singapore every year to renew my Thai Tourist Visa.

About 10 years ago I started to slow down my travelling and decided to stay in fewer places but for a month or two at the time.

I stay mostly in Pattaya, Patong (Phuket), Chaweng (Koh Samui) and recently in Bangkok.

I love the nature and the beaches, although lately I have started to enjoy the nightlife as well!

I'm no drinker or partyman but I do visit bars and GoGos from time to time, to chat with and enjoy the occasional company of beautiful Thai women!

I normally travel in the winter and spring season, during summer and autumn I work seasonal work in the vegetable industry, to save money for my next trips!


ps one of my hobbies is aquarium-fish, please have look here in my Youtube Channel!

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